Thanks to its modular construction, aSISt report software works in small or large banks as well as in bank associations. The user decides which modules are needed for the bank.
This kind of solutions also helps to reduce costs while using some of the non-standard additions is unnecessary.

The aSISt base module is a main component of aSISt reporting system. It provides the full functionality required and necessary to generate and submit a COREP and FINREP reports for the banking system regulator.

The base module of aSISt:

  • makes it possible and easy to fill out obligatory periodic reports for supervisor of a banking system,
  • is very easy to use and allows the user to focus on the correctness of the data in the report without acquiring the knowledge of the complex technology behind XBRL reporting process,
  • provides various methods of data entry into the reports – manual and automatic,
  • has a number of visual mechanisms to support the data reconciliation based on always up-to-date validation rules,
  • deals with the full reporting cycle – the successive steps of the XBRL report preparation process from the data input to the ready report transfer,
  • is built of functional modules – the customer decides which modules are required,
  • is an “off-the-shelf” system – easy to install, available for download on the Internet, free for trial before purchase.

To facilitate the data input process, the base module provides several two-way interfaces, enabling both data export and import:

  • XBRL interface,
  • CSV interface,
  • XML interface,
  • Excel interface.

The base module has a unique feature “the XBRL taxonomy profiling” which is a set of functions for adjusting reports to the specific profile of a bank. That includes the selection of report context and predefined explicit dimensions which allow the user to choose the form of the report and its components.

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