Since 2006 GPM Systemy has been providing reporting software to Polish banks. Thanks to our years of experience and to our clients’ trust, today we are proud to be a leading XBRL reporting software provider for the banking sector in Poland.

GPM cooperates very closely with FINGO – a software house. We combine our competences in order to offer state-of-the-art software products and to ensure the highest implementation standards.

We take part in various activities of institutions and organisations which popularise and develop the XBRL standard; therefore, we are able to successfully apply this base of modern obligatory reporting in the full range of our products.


Area of Operations

Our software and professional services are based in two main fields:
– supervision and organisation of the banking sector, and
– reporting requirements of the supervised entities of the banking sector.

GPM creates, implements and develops reporting solutions for both supervisors and supervised financial institutions.
Thanks to our experience, we provide the most technologically up-to-date solutions to ensure the full satisfactions of our clients.
The solutions that we offer for supervisors, banks, branches of foreign banks and other financial institutions are in operation throughout Europe.

Key facts and figures

Date of founding 2006
Form of organisation Privately owned
Registered office Wrocław, Poland
Range of operation Poland and the European Union
Clients Over 620 financial institutions, including central national banks
Fields of activity Banking sector: obligatory reporting


XBRL Development

We contribute to XBRL development by taking part in the Eurofiling group initiative and in international XBRL workshops.

We take great care to expand our experience, knowledge and skills and that is why we actively participate in:

  • Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Organisation,
  • XBRL Europe Jurisdiction,
  • the XBRL-COREP Group (member).