aSISt EBA ITS – The simple, all-in-one XBRL tool

Can you imagine a simple EBA ITS reporting application that you can use to complete EBA ITS reports? We’ve got one!


What makes this solution so special is that aSISt EBA ITS is not just a software you have to deal with on your own. aSISt EBA ITS includes tools and a support system as well!

The XBRL tool

aSISt EBA ITS has all the functionalities necessary for the preparation and reconciliation of all mandatory reports  resulting from EBA or national supervisors’ requirements. aSISt EBA ITS has visible report reconciliation feature, so you can see every inconsistency in your list. In addition, you can input or correct report data manually whenever you need.

It’s an ‘off-the-shelf’ application. The only thing you need to do is to download aSISt EBA ITS from our website!

Customer support

Our customer service team will answer all your questions regarding the operation of aSISt EBA ITS. You can contact us by telephone or by our e-mail ticket system.

Updates available

Moreover, we take special care in updating the software with every EBA or local taxonomy change.

Of course, we always pay attention to customer feedback and consider it during each update.


For those who want more:

When using aSISt EBA ITS, you can at any time enhance the system with extra functionalities according to your needs, choosing from the following modules:

  • Data entry automation module
  • Validation rules editor
  • Data analysis module
  • Consolidation module


Could a dedicated XBRL reporting solution be so simple and yet, so complex?

Now you can try out aSISt EBA ITS before you buy it!

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