Data gathering and process management solutions for Supervisors

National Competent Authorities and Central Banks require complex solutions that support supervisory activities like collecting, validating, verifying and analyzing reports.

In the area of data gathering and process management we offer two integrated applications:

  • tranSIS – a system that supports Supervisors in the field of obligatory reporting, installed at the Supervisors’ premises;
  • aSISt – an XBRL filing and data reconciliation tool, installed locally at the headquarters of the Reporting Entities.

Data gathering and process management

The tranSIS system has been created to meet the needs of supervisory bodies. tranSIS ensures full control over the reporting processes and enables validation, verification and analysis of the collected reports.

The collection and analysis of the reports submitted by the financial institutions are the main tasks of the Supervisors. The XBRL format is a modern, common standard used for defining and exchanging reports. tranSIS supports the full processing cycle of XBRL reports.

tranSIS is an off-the-shelf solution:

  • it guarantees long-term maintenance and development,
  • it is a high quality product – it is evaluated, used and verified by many clients,
  • it minimizes the project risk.

Functions supported by tranSIS

  • collection and storage of XBRL reports
  • management of the reports repository – the data sent by the reporting entities are grouped by period and taxonomy
  • validation and verification of the reports submitted by the Reporting Entities
  • analysis of the reports with the use of a specialized analysis module
  • generation of individual, aggregated or consolidated instances of the selected XBRL reports
  • assurance of the system’s security with access control – through user identification and authorization

A reporting solution for Entities

aSISt is a modern, universal reporting system that supports preparation of mandatory reports for the financial sector regulators, especially in the XBRL format.

aSISt is dedicated for reporting:

  • it ensures technical correctness and consistency with the rules of the Regulator
  • it is user-friendly and allows end users to focus on the quality of reported data instead of IT issues
  • it enables two-way communication with tranSIS that can be activated to send reports and receive feedback as well as updated sets of validation rules.

integrated systems for national supervisors

Integrated B2B communication

aSISt and tranSIS are integrated, which means that the exchange of data is performed automatically and the taxonomies, along with all validation rules from tranSIS, are populated across the network. This ensures version consistency of all system components. Communication takes place in a distributed environment. This architecture has proven to be efficient, reliable and user-friendly.

Because of its readiness and verified performance, tranSIS is recommended for Supervisors with aSISt for the Supervised Entities. This setup ensures full automation and works within “the integration layer”.

tranSIS provides an alternative way to exchange data between the systems. It means it is still possible to import as well as export reports, taxonomies, rules as well as analytical reports, and to transfer them via any other preferred channel.

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