Liability Data Report – new reporting module in aSISt

New XBRL report available in the aSISt reporting application.

One of the three pillars of the Banking Union is Single Resolution Mechanism. According to this mechanism, centralized decision-making power in the field of restructuring and orderly liquidation of banks has been entrusted to theSingle Resolution Board (SRB).


SRB is the central authority for orderly liquidation and restructuring within the banking union. Along with the national authorities of the participating Member States for restructuring and orderly liquidation, it creates a uniform mechanism for an orderly restructuring and liquidation. The legal basis for the action of SRB are directives on the recovery and restructuring of banks (BRRD) and the Regulation on the single mechanism restructuring and orderly liquidation (SRMR).


Liability Data Report – scope of information

Liability Data Report consists of 11 tables that contain information about:

  • 01 – Identification of the Report;
  • 01.00 – Liability Structure;
  • 02.00 – Own Funds;
  • 01, T03.02 and T03.03 – Intragroup Exposures;
  • 00 – Securities;
  • 00 – Deposits not covered and not preferential;
  • 00 – Financial Liabilities;
  • 00 – Derivatives;
  • 00 – Secured Finance.

In the case of entities forming part of the banking union, reports are submitted to the national regulatory authority responsible for the jurisdiction in which they are registered.

LDR report


LDR reporting deadline

The reporting deadline is set to March 31st. However, taking into account the nature of the report, its uniqueness and development required by the reporting units, a transitional period of two years is maintained:

  • For data regarding the situation as at December 31, 2017 the deadline for submitting reports is April 30th 2018; and
  • For situation data as at December 31st, 2018 the deadline for submitting reports is March 31, 2019.


Notwithstanding these provisions, the SRB or national regulatory authority may request such information at any time it deems necessary.

Reporting Solution

The new LDR report has been implemented in a user-friendly aSISt application that can be easily installed in the entity within 1 working day.

aSISt supports the full reporting cycle that includes:

  • data input, editing and completion,
  • report verification and reconciliation
  • validation and archiving (saving, printing, etc.),
  • report generation,
  • correction of historical reports.

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