One of the most common and biggest problems of reporting process is the cost of work and time spent on manual data entry into the reports. In fact, the outdated solutions based on few components (e.g. Excel), provide very limited possibilities of data input automation.

In response to this need, we created a modern specialized system  “aSISt” dedicated to the banks reporting process. To give its users a chance to cut the cost and shorten the process of data entry, we provided the system with several interfaces allowing data export and import from external sources and also with the data mapping module.

aSISt base module is equipped with several two-way interfaces, i.e. interfaces enabling both data export and data import:

  • XBRL interface – uses the possibility of some main systems to export data directly into XBRL format. Afterwards,without any additional work, the data may be transferred to aSISt, where the report reconciliation, verification and approval take place.
  • CSV interface – the simplest in preparation and therefore often used by aSISt users. Despite its simple structure, the interface gives similar standard of data verification to the one provided by the XBRL interface.
  • XML interface – equivalent to the CSV file with the only difference in the data format.
  • Excel interface – the interface used most commonly because of the popularity of Excel software. The Excel interface is a two-way interface – it enables both data export and import.
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The data mapping module, an alternative to built-in interfaces, gives the possibility of direct integration with internal data sources, such as a data warehouse, the general ledger (GL) or other credit institution internal systems. The module expands the system functionality – merges the automation of data input with the automation of data processing and aggregation.

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