aSISt Solvency II is an off-the-shelf reporting tool for undertakings. In accordance with EIOPA taxonomy and requirements, aSISt deals with the whole reporting cycle, from preparation and real-time validation to generating correct XBRL reports. Validation in aSISt ensures compliance with EIOPA’s XBRL Formulae.

Benefits to be gained by insurance undertakings from the new, advanced XBRL generator:
  • the whole reporting process managed with only one tool
  • various ways to prevent data loss
  • always up-to-date EIOPA taxonomy and validation rules
  • high quality support and help desk
aSISt Solvency II as an all-in-one solution for insurance industry reporting

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Reports sent to supervisors should be retained because in some cases they need to be corrected. aSISt Solvency II contains a reports repository and has full functionality necessary for the preparation and reconciliation of XBRL reports resulting from EIOPA requirements:

  • easy report data input

aSISt Solvency II is an advanced XBRL tool which provides numerous options for entering data into reports: manually, with built-in two-way CSV, XML and Excel interfaces. Moreover, aSISt Solvency II can be expanded with an advanced data entry automation module that works with various data sources and enables the mapping of tabular reports as well as list reports.

  • real-time Formula validator

aSISt Solvency II supports data reconciliation with a built-in real-time XBRL and XBRL Formula validator. For users’ comfort inconsistencies in reports are presented in a visual form with links to the locations where they occur.

  • regular automatic updates

Due to regular updates, reconciliation is based on always up-to-date taxonomies and validation rules published by EIOPA.
The validation processor is compatible with current XBRL standards: XBRL Formulae and XBRL Validation Messages.

  • corrections to existing reports

Reports sent to the supervising authority are retained and can be corrected when such a need occurs. aSISt saves all reports in the repository (database). Corrections to previously sent reports are made in audit trial mode.

Reports repository

aSISt Solvency II operates on free repositories and therefore does not require additional licenses. The software can be installed either on one computer with a free-of-charge Derby database or on multiple computers configured to work with a shared Oracle database. aSISt supports simultaneous work bye two or more people on the same report form. The number of workstations can be increased at any time.

Comfortable for every-day use

aSISt Solvency II is an off-the-shelf application. Easy and fast installation is possible without technical support from the supplier – simply download the tool from our website.

Data loss prevention

aSISt allows for data restoration from backup files through specific functions in emergency situations. aSISt has the following functions for backing up and restoring entered data:

  • creating backup files
  • restoring data from a backup file
  • creating and restoring report archives
  • exporting and importing data
Technical support

Our consultants are prepared to resolve users’ issues by telephone or e-mail ticket system. Every malfunction reported by users will be fixed in all aSISt installations.

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