The majority of banks and credit institutions are obliged to create and submit their periodic reports to the banking sector regulators. The mandatory reports required from banks have to be compliant with the reporting framework and often with the commonly used XBRL format. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a standardized format introduced in many countries as obligatory thus it’s one of the key requirements in the field of banking supervision.

A number of banks still deal with the problem of generation of XBRL instance, using complicated systems based on Excel. These require creation of statements in Excel tables and additional components to convert Excel format into XBRL.
In order to support both issues in one solution, which has many advantages, we created aSISt – a modern reporting system for banks.

Scope of the reports available within aSISt reporting system has been growing up according to the banking sector demands and expansion of the company to foreign markets. Implementation of new XBRL taxonomies is easy thanks to the development of the product in apropriate technology. Therefore the system is ready to support any further changes in national requirements and reporting frameworks and adjust to the needs in a very short time.

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