The consolidation module of aSISt supports a consolidated XBRL report preparation in accordance with one of the main methods:

  • the “financial statements consolidation” method – individual reports and consolidation adjustments are merged into final consolidated report
  • the source data consolidation method – the data collected from a few members of a bank group is aggregated and compiled into one data warehouse, then the consolidated report is generated and submitted

The consolidation module is one of the aSISt functional modules so it provides the combination of consolidation functionality and the full functionality of the base module.

Some of the advantages of the solution are presented below:

  1. Entities management – selection of range of entities to which the reports apply
  2. The data input with any of the options provided within the base module and mapping module, including:
    • import of an existing XBRL report
    • manual input
    • data input through one of the available interfaces XML, CSV etc.
  3. Consolidation of data coming from many entities of a group
  4. Validation of reports with a wide array of validation rules defined in aSISt base module – reports may be verified in accordance with the full range of control rules defined for every type of taxonomy

aSISt consolidation module helps in quick and easy aggregation of data and instantaneous verification of data consistency.