Apart from the reporting frameworks, another fundamental change regarding regulations of the banking reporting standards has been applied to the data format. It has been decided to use a one common data format, called XBRL. Along the change of reporting standards comes a need to adjust the verification and assessment systems. It seems to be pointless to use old systems based on different data formats, which require a lot of work in order to enter data already created and existing in XBRL.

This need was the main reason to create the axSIS system. The system is a perfect tool for banking data analysis. This is a great solution for auditors, auditing associations and, obviously, for the banks themselves.

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Alternatively, for users of aSISt reporting system we created an additional module – the analysis module. The module allows the user to prepare summaries which integrate data from different reports into one analytical report. This solution makes it possible to use existing XBRL reports as a source of data for internal analysis which significantly speeds and improves the transmission of information as well as analysis of bank situation.

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