XBRL reports analyzer for National Supervisors

Efficient analysis of the situation and threats to banking and insurance sector stability with the axSIS application.

National Competent Authorities not only validate XBRL reports, but are also responsible for analyses of current situation and predictions regarding sector stability.

A professional analyzer allows to fulfill these tasks in a convenient for the user way.

axSIS was originally developed to support the analysis and storage of XBRL reports prepared by multiple entities.

The system enables importing the XBRL instances and visual display of contained data in tabular form and thus gives the possibility to review and analyze all reports from the sector.

Definition of many various templates of analytical reports can be made in a few easy steps that include facts selection and expressions defining based on the selected facts. Moreover, for user convenience work with up-to-date templates can be saved and re-used anytime in the future.

The analytical reports can include each of the following options:

  • review of an individual XBRL report
  • analysis of the structure of an individual report
  • cross-sectional analysis
  • analysis of changing values dynamics
  • statistical calculations on the set of reports
  • score rating

One of the greatest advantages of the system is the automation of data analysis based on predefined analytical reports. axSIS enables the usage of predefined template of analytical report to any set of data containing the analyzed variables. Analytical reports can be based on any ratio or index required by the user.

XBRL reports analyzer

axSIS gives the possibility to adjust the generated analytical reports to preferences of the user and the needs and standards required in a specific situation, by the element listed below.

Any of the analytical reports can be adjusted in one of the following ways:

  • column and row headers
  • charts (bar charts, line graphs, etc.)
  • possibility of report structure (columns into rows transposition)

Each of the analytical reports may be exported to one of the preferred formats – CSV, XLS, Excel – or printed directly (with a possibility of print adjustment) from the axSIS application.

Because of its functionality, axSIS is a perfect tool for National Competent Authorities. Thanks to an off-the-shelf character, implementation process is reduced to installation and staff training.

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